Continuous and multifarious flow of business and cultural exhange, projects and events between companies, actors and institutions in Sweden and WA

Considerable increase in trade, areas of trade, investments and exchanges.

Swedish companies and their WA partners are developing and making good business.

Cooperation between schools and universities, including research.

West Africa is a new hot tourist destination for Swedes

West African handicraft and design is in fashion

President: Johan Stenberg Secretary: Beatrice Kindebe

The Board:

Chairman/President: Johan Stenberg, Consul Niger

Secretary: Beatrice Kindembe, Consultant

Sten Hagberg, Consul Burkina Faso

Allan Strömberg, Consul Mali

BeaunYves Fungula, entrepreneur

Jean-Dadou MONYA, entrepreneur

Jan Hartzell, Consul Gabon

Rosie Wandjowo, adj

Gabriella Körling, adj

Lars-Göran Andersson, Consul Cote d'Ivoire